Late Cancellation/No Show

Cancellations must be done within 24 hours of your appointment. Failure to do so without a legitimate reason will incur a $25 fee that will need to be paid to continue appointments.

This fee also applies if you do not turn up to your appointment.


Late Arrival/Collection

If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will have to be rescheduled and  $25 fee will be applied to your file unless there is a legitimate explanation. 

If you are late to pick up your dog by more than 15 minutes without arranging this prior, a $15 fee will be applied unless there is legitimate explanation.

Aggressive Dogs

Dogs that present aggressive behaviours during the grooming process or toward other people or dogs must be made aware prior to the start of the appointment. We can talk to you about options you can take to help ease your dog's stress in the groom and make it a safer environment for both your dog and our staff. If a dog is too aggressive to complete the groom, you will be contacted to pick up your dog early and will only be charged for what services were able to be performed that day. In some cases, we will not be equipped to handle the dog and you may have to be referred out. Depending on the severity of the aggression, a behaviour fee may be incurred.

Medical Conditions

If your dog has an existing medical condition it must be made aware prior to the start of the groom so the necessary precautions can be taken. If your dog carrying any contagious diseases, they will not be permitted to be groomed as to not put other dogs at risk. Please speak to your vet and have the dog be cleared before making their appointment. If any medical conditions are found during the groom, you will be made aware so that your dog may get the necessary treatment. If it is contagious you will be asked to collect your dog immediately and there will be fee to cover closing the salon to disinfect.

Matted Dogs

Mats are unable to be brushed out of dogs and the only way to remove them is by cutting underneath them. If your dog's coat is matted, we will have to cut it short. Depending on the severity of the matting, there can be extra fees incurred. Matting can cause and/or hide conditions on the skin, such as bruising or rashes, which may cause a dog to be temporarily uncomfortable when first exposed. If we discover any issues while grooming your dog, you will be made aware.